Canada Payment Terminal Options

pmjpmj Member Posts: 12

I was just setting up the Veriphone 400+ that was sent for the LightSpeed Retail setup. The terminal's only configuration is a wired ethernet connection. I'm pretty disappointed about the terminal options available in Canada versus what is available through Stripe/LS in the USA. I feel as though I am stepping back a decade in technology. I think this setup works in retail establishments where there is a cash counter but in more boutique setting, its less than ideal.

I strongly suggest that LS payment team work with Stripe to bring us retailers the option of an internally wireless handset? US merchants have access to the Ingenico iSMP4. I found this link on the LS Retail Payment setup for the Ingenico iSMP4: so I can only assume that it would work with LS Retail and Stripe.

This will allow us merchants to bring the payment terminal to the customer instead for herding the customer to the payment terminal. This makes a lot more sense in a Covid-19 era and post Covid-19 era where customers try to keep the space in a store.

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