Bug with Facebook registration and login

Hi !

We have a major issue with our website and it's causing lot of troubles.

When an user tries to login with facebook, it just says "Application non configurée: Cette application est actuellement en cours de développement, et vous ne pouvez pas y accéder. Utilisez un compte autorisé d’utilisateur test ou adressez-vous à un administrateur d’application pour obtenir un droit d’accès". apprently, our account is in development mode and i try all i could think to repair this but i just cant. I leaved a message to Support but they don't have a solution yet.

Is anyone having the same issue ? And if so, what did you do to repair this ?

you can try to make an account on our website to test; https://www.kingdomtitans.ca/us/

thanks :) !

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