Inventory on Retail Not Updating on Ecom

soleil_ClimbOnsoleil_ClimbOn Member Posts: 3

Resyncing does not work.

BIG Issue:

  1. In-store, check in/receive products on Purchase Orders.
  2. Retail Inventory of item is correct.
  3. Ecom inventory doesn't match what we was just received on Retail.

Every time we are CHECKING/RECEIVING a product in the store, IT DOES NOT UPDATE THE STOCK LEVEL WE HAVE IN ECOM. Users shopping online do not see the item on our Ecom store. Big miss in selling to them.

We constantly ask for a shop "resync" (which does not work). We are manually having to hit the Save Button (on a product on Retail) to fix the inventory level on Ecom.

We cannot be constantly doing this as we have over 9000 products that we Receive in Purchase Orders.

Manual fix:

  • Go to Product on Retail and manually click SAVE.


  • PupcakesPupcakes Member Posts: 1

    YEah I have been dealign with this since the middle of last summer. They say they are working on a new inventory system. But in the middle of this pandemic where a good amount of our sales are from our Online Store it is rather silly they are doing it now. Some times the resin they do works. But it is a hassle. I don't know why they can't do a Chron job to automatically sync inventory overnight at least until they get teh inventory scheme fixed.

  • PoshPPoshP Member Posts: 1

    We are currently experiencing the same thing. The delays posting and the inventory showing as 0 on ecom yet in stock on retail. FIX IT LIGHTSPEED! Saving the item again in retail is not updating the stock in ecom.

  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 105 moderator

    Hi @PoshP ,

    We were having issues yesterday but these have been resolved.

    I recommend you to subscribe to our status page so that you can receive an email notification for future incidents:


  • schroedersgiftsschroedersgifts Member Posts: 4

    We have a very small store & have run into this same issue where we have zero of an item & it still allows someone to order the item, which doesn't exist. For a small store this is a BIG problem. I also have all of my online items set to show only when in inventory so I am baffled & very annoyed when this happens. One more disappointed customer :(

  • JamesSBBJamesSBB Member Posts: 11
    edited June 5

    The overselling was an issue in OnSite that started last year (I think). I was assuming it was going to be resolved with the transition to Retail - I guess not!

  • ClimbOnClimbOn Member Posts: 1

    We are experiencing the exact same thing since March 2020. (15 Months now) Has anyone considered switching to a different POS/Ecom provider? If so who?

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