Approach for integrating subscription systems with Lightspeed

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We have developed a subscription system. The subscriptions can be requested online or in the shop. If the subscriptions are bought in the shop, the subscriptions is first requested in the subscription system. After that, the payment is managed in lightspeed. If the payment is succesfull, the payment is also entered in the subscription system.

This proces is quite labourous and sensetive for mistakes. Because of that we are looking for a way to intergrate the systems.

The process we are looking for is a bit as follows:

1) The subscription is requested in the subscription system. This system also calculates the price. The subscription sends a payment request / invoice to lightspeed with this price.

2) The payment is done in lightspeed.

3) Lightspeed returns to the subscriptions system whether the payment is succesfull or aborted. If the payment is succesfull, the payment will also be registered in the subscription system and the subscription is made active.

We calculate the price in the subscription system, since it depends on a lot of variables known in this system. So every sale could have a different price.

I've checked the API documentation, but since it is so elaborate, it is hard to determine whether a flow like this is possible and how to implement it. I was hoping whether somebody with more experience with lightspeed could tell me whether this is feasable and which endpoints to use.

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