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We began using Lightspeed Gift cards (retail) at the end of 2018.

We were told the Ecom integration would be ready that Spring to both sell and redeem the gift cards.

We have a workaround for selling the gift cards in Ecom, but no way to redeem them. Chattign with Lightspeed today that say that they don't have any info on this feature. "The developers haven't gotten back to them".

Meanwhile, we're still paying for this service.....

Does anyone else have insight into using gift cards in Ecom?

Are there other apps out there that work/ do what they say they'll do?


  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 113 moderator

    Hello, @justinc

    Currently, we do not have an omnichannel gift card solution but I will add you to the enhancement request for this feature. There are a few other options using custom solutions.

    Option 1, Sell in-store-only gift cards on eCom. Create a non-inventory matrix item in Retail called "gift card" and set the variants to be the different gift card amounts. See the attached PDF for detailed steps on setting this up.

    Option 2, you can also create discount codes for your customers to use online. Discount codes cannot keep track of unused credit so you will need to do this manually.

    Option 3, our integration partner Advision does offer a gift card solution for eCom:

    Have a good day!

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    Hey @justinc , apparently a BETA has come out but they're still working on how to transfer existing gift cards to the new system.

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    Here is the work around... I give the customer a single-use discount code to use on the sale for the amount of the gift card. Then I go into the POS side and refund the discounted item(s), then I resell the item(s) for the full price and pay the difference with the gift card. So the COG/Profit is not messed up and the gift card is used up and zeroed out. I also make sure the transactions are all on the same day. I change it if necessary so reports are all correct.

    It is a TOTAL pain, but it works.

    LS should be paying all of us to figure out the work-arounds their own programers and help desk can't figure out.

    If you use should all join the "Lightspeed Retail Usergroup" The community there responds much faster than here or the help desk most of the time and, many times they have the answers/work around, which the help desk usually does not have or won't tell you.

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