Shops that use Omnichannel seem to have incorrect stock levels in variant update webhook payload

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After investigating an issue that a client experienced, I found the following.

The clients webshop uses omnichannel. In API terms: returns "isRetail":true

When the client updates the stock in the POS, say from 0 to 3, an eCom variant update webhook is sent to our platform as expected, containing a payload with the variant's data.

We would expect the json payload to have data: "stockLevel":3 . This is the default behaviour when stock changes in eCom without Omnichannel: stockLevel in payload contains the new stocklevel after the update.

Instead, the json payload has data: "stockLevel":0 . In addition, when you check<<variantid>> , it contains


So to summarize:

- client changes stock in POS from 0 to 3

- due to POS - eCom sync, eCom variant update webhook to our application is triggered, mentions stocklevel 0

- expected was: stocklevel 3

- inspecting movement api mentions stocklevelchange 3

Since we use the variant update webhook payload and dont want to make any extra API calls to movement, it would be desirable to have the stocklevel 3 in the payload, since that is the stocklevel after the change via POS.

I can provide more details about the client data in a DM.

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