How to pass through the table the customer is ordering from

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We want to pass through the table number that the customer is sitting at with the order. Is this possible?

This is our json:

{"companyId":"34029","creationDate":"2020-11-04T18:26:58.534Z","deliveryDate":"2020-11-04T18:26:58.299Z","description":"ConciergeHub Order","note":"CHID 14307","customerId":"1889896","orderItems":[{"productPlu":"S1","amount":"1","totalPrice":4.95,"totalPriceWithoutVat":0.24,"unitPrice":4.95,"unitPriceWithoutVat":0.24,"modifiers":[],"subitems":[]}],"orderPayment":{"amount":"4.95","paymentTypeId":100199,"paymentTypeTypeId":7},"type":"takeaway","status":"ACCEPTED"}

We are using:

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: */*" --header "Authorization: Bearer iuaehfriuaehrgiqh34pr9uy19r8aegr54se65g4ae5r4gf56qea1rv56ae4rv" -d "{
    \"customerId\": 1,
    \"deliveryDate\": \"2016-01-20T15:35:48+00:00\",
    \"type\": \"delivery\",
    \"status\": \"ACCEPTED\",
    \"description\": \"order\",
    \"note\": \"foobar\",
    \"orderItems\": [
            \"productId\": 58,
            \"amount\": 1,
            \"totalPrice\": 5,
            \"totalPriceWithoutVat\": 5,
            \"unitPrice\": 5,
            \"unitPriceWithoutVat\": 5,
            \"modifiers\": [],
            \"subitems\": []
    \"orderPayment\": [
            \"amount\": 0,
            \"paymentTypeId\": 7456,
            \"paymentTypeTypeId\": 1
}" ""

For type we only have these options too.

{“type”: “takeaway|delivery”} ----- What about the customers who are sitting in the restaurant or room service?

The customers are ordering from their phones using our app. They are entering the table number or room no and we would like to be able to pass this through on the order.

The order is being passed through. Please see the attached image.


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