More on Customizing Labels

I am attempting my first change to a default label, and hoping to ask the group some questions. I have tried to read all of the doc, but it is kind of spread all over. I feel like I may me missing something that may already have been covered, but I haven't found the right article if it exists.

First, I just want to make the size of the Price and the Description larger on the Normal 2.25x1.25 label.

  1. I have seen articles that say you have to disable Zebra Browser Print to get a custom label to work. And my own testing seems to confirm it, but wanted ask - is this really the right way? No way to change a label that prints with Browser Print? Must disable it? Just confirming. Seems weird.
  2. When I do disable it, and go to Print Templates, download the custom template from git, paste it in, all that, then print it, it looks like this (see picture, bottom one). Is that what it is supposed to look like? The only change I made to the script was to shove "TEST" in the beginning of description to make sure it was actually reading the custom version and not the default version. It looks like the version doesn't fit the label. Am I missing some step somewhere or does the custom template not fit the normal label?

I see in the template where you can change a variable to change the font size using something like {% set normal_description_font_size = '22pt' %}, but not sure if I am missing something simple that is causing the template not to fit the label.

Thank you!


  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 120 ✭

    Updating my own post. Finally realized that for some reason the browser print dialog was trying to scale the label down to 70% which resulted in the small label. However, when I set the scale to 100% the barcode falls off the label and doesn't appear. So now the custom template doesn't fit the label because it's too big. Still trying to figure out if this is normal when working with templates. Thinking I should just start from an empty label and build from scratch.

  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 120 ✭

    More on my own comment, I never could figure out why the regular template wouldn't print correctly, so I ended up overriding the style on article and footer to get it working.

    article {

      min-height: 100%;

      display: grid;

      grid-template-rows: auto 1fr auto;


    footer {

      display: flex;

      justify-content: center;

      padding: 2px;


    With those changes in the template, the label would print at 100% and the barcode would stay on the page.

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