Searching for Advisors for Integrating Lightspeed with Quickbooks Online

jppowel412jppowel412 Member Posts: 4

It has been five months that we have been working with Lightspeed and we still do not have it set up to correctly to work with QuickBooks Online. I keep getting "oh we do not advise on how to do that". We are very small, do our own bookkeeping, can not afford a hired bookkeeper. our accountants are unfamiliar with this integration. Though I did get an A in Accounting1 I still have not been able to get it working correctly. I need a resource to review where we are now and advise on how to get it working correctly.


  • Fuzzy_MelonFuzzy_Melon Member Posts: 15

    Hey, I feel your pain. If you're still not settled, let me know if I can assist. There are probably things you have discvovered that I don't know about, maybe we can commiserate!

  • Off_Main_GiftsOff_Main_Gifts Member Posts: 2

    I too am searching for an advisor for the Lightspeed Quickbooks integration. If anyone know someone please comment or reach out to [email protected] Thank you in advance, Margaret

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