Individual Line-Item Discounts

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So we've just been transitioned from OnSite to Retail. I've now discovered that in Retail, you can't apply different discounts (either $ or %) to multiple line items. As a manager, I regularly edit the sale prices of specific items on a sale, while wanting to retain the price of other items. Retail only allows blanket $ or % discounts upon all items listed in the sale.

How is such a basic sales ability not available in this POS product??? Very frustrating....

How hard is it to allow the sale price to be edited on a per-line-item basis?

Frankly, I'm amazed that it's not an option. Surely we're not the only customers asking for this feature.

Lightspeed Developers - please get this on Retail POS!!!!

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    If you click the line item description, you can apply a discount to JUST that line item. However, it's limited to whatever discounts you have set up...which is also very annoying. You should be able to just enter a % or $ value right on that line...OR enter a price and have it calculate and display the discount. Unfortunately none of that is possible...BUT, a very basic, preset line item discount is technically possible.

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    We ran into this constraint when first vetting Lightspeed Retail. Our business practices don't frequently involve some blanketed percent-off across the board. We typically have a case-by-case, customer-by-customer basis of discounting an item by an arbitrary dollar amount. Which is basically close to impossible to effectively perform in the system. Should be a pretty standard thing for a POS to support...

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