LightSpeed integrating with Great Plains 2016

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Our company has a project plan and proposal for an integration between LightSpeed and Great Plains 2016, but don't know development companies to invite to a bidders conference.

We are a small company and don't have an inhouse development team to assist. We would need to hire a 3rd party vendor to perform the integration for us.

Any leads or information on development companies specializing in this type of work would be greatly appreciated.




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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 870 

    While I've created several integrations involving Lightspeed Retail and GP 2015 R2 for our company, I am by no means a development company 😀. Primarily due to time constraints and obvious commitments to my current employer.

    One Lightspeed partner I would recommend is Hyperspace They might be able to put something together for you.

    Hope this helps!

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