Sorting in product feed ?

Hi, We use the custom feeds that Lightspeed provides to populate our different newsletters and external websites. I haven't found a way to provide some sort of sorting in these feeds, much like what can be done in the categories within lightspeed. It would be VERY handy if we have some control over how these feeds are made. Now the oldest product is always on top. Arguably this isn't the best choice.

Anyone have directions on how to do this ?

Hope to hear soon!

Here a shortened version of how the feed is made


  {% for product in products %}

  {% for category in product.categories %}

     {% if category.title == 'cat title' %}

     {% for subcategory in category.subs %}

     {% if subcategory.title == 'sub cat title' %}    


    product data


     {% endif %}

    {% endfor %}

  {% endif %}

 {% endfor %}

  {% endfor %}


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