exporting accounting data into MYOB?

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We are wanting to export our accounting data from light speed retail into MYOB. Can anyone assist with this process? Either how to use the quick books IIF file so we can import into MYOB or convert the accounting files from light speed into a csv file that would import into MYOB. TIA


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    Unless you have a particularly strong reason for sticking with MYOB I would switch to an accounting software that is compatible with Lightspeed. I also used MYOB for many years (with Checkout for POS). We needed to get a better POS (especially for ecommerce) and went with Lightspeed. I think it is far easier to find and work with one of the good accounting packages than trying to come up with workarounds to transfer data from POS (the volume of data in POS tends to be much larger so better to automate that aspect as much as possible).

    You will need Lightspeed Accounting (provided by a third party called Shogo) to act as middle wear to convert Lightspeed into a data file that can be read by QuickBooks or Xero. We use Xero. For the most part it is all pretty robust. You may struggle reconciling Lightspeed to the accounting package, but that is more due to inherent problems with Lightspeed than anything else.

    For a short period of time when the link between Checkout and MYOB broke I did have to do exports from Checkout in CSV format and then manually import to MYOB. So it can be done and you may be able to get output from Shogo in a file type that lends itself to this, but as I say above I'd be looking to switch over to something that is more automated. Xero has been great for me and automates a whole lot of other things (like bank reconciliations) making my life a lot easier.

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    Hi NikkS,

    Thank you for the information. We really need to stay with MYOB for our accounting. Would you let us know how you went about exporting a CSV format file from lightspeed and manually import this into MYOB accounting? This information would be very much appreciated. Kind regards.

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    Hi Avril,

    I've never exported a CSV from Lightspeed (as I don't have to) - I've only done it with our previous POS system (Checkout - see attached example) and that was several years ago. I believe the approach is to first export some journal entries from MYOB so that you can see the structure of the file - one column for account code, one column for transaction date, one column for amount, one column for debit or credit. You would then need to get your export from Lightspeed into the same structure - this may involve some manual manipulation in Excel. You then do an MYOB general journal import using the CSV file you have created in the same format as MYOB export.

    You would need to speak to Lightspeed about how to get a CSV file of accounting entries - I assume this would come via Shogo. I can see a preview of the journals in Shogo, Accounting, Settings, but don't see a way of exporting the actual daily journals.

    Sorry and good luck!

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