How to get shipping cost on cart page

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I am new to lightspeed. I have lightspeed store of my client where I need to get shipping method with minimum cost on cart page against the current cart.
I have store's back-end access where I can add my javascript code under web extras > custom js.
Is there any URL or way against which I send an ajax request with country and zip to fetch shipping cost for the items currently available in cart.



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    Hi, I don't think this is possible directly with Lightspeed.

    Using the Retail API it expects you to Post the shipping cost to an order.

    I think the proper way doing it is using a 3rd party Shipping API that allows you to Get the live shipping cost in cart, then Post that amount to Lightspeed.

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    This question is posted in the Retail API category but related to the eCom API and thus moved.

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