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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get my Facebook pixel to take data from my Lightspeed Ecom website so that it can automatically update a catalog on my Facebook/Instagram shop. I have set up my Pixel and it is working fine but it wont let me proceed because it is not recieving the required microdata from my site.

Using the Microdata Debugger tool from Facebook I can see it is recieving all of the required data except for an "id" value.

Under the theme editor I have tried to edit the code in my "product.rain" page so that it will include an id, but I am not a coder and don't really understand what I'm doing. The code i added looks like:

<meta itemprop="productID" content="{{ product.id }}" />

Would love to know if anyone else has got the Facebook pixel updating their catalog and if they ran into the same issues as me.


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  • aaronbarberaaronbarber Member Posts: 2

    I actually just solved it myself. I had the code that I wrote in the wrong section of the product.rain page.

    I put my line of code near the top where the itemscope was set to schema.org/Product where as before it was lower down in the code set to schema.org/Offers. The Debug tool now shows an ID for my products:

    Hope that this helps someone in the future

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