Updating "set" in Products API

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Hi Guys and Gals,

We have a bit of a question in regards to the lightspeed ECom API. We're currently trying to port data from a Magento 1 store over to a new Lightspeed shop and we're running into a few hurdles so far. Chief among which being the API Rate Limit's, but we're talking to our AM for that.

The reason I'm making this topic right now however is to do with importing and managing product sets. We've gotten the API to create the product sets we need and we've figured out that updating the products in lightspeed and setting the "set" value in the product payload will connect the product set to the product. However, now we are trying to build the service that will clean up the product sets and we need to unlink the product set from the product. So we've tried to reverse it, we tried to update the product and setting the "set" value in the payload to false, to NULL, to an empty string, etc etc, but we can't seem to delete it. We don't get any errors back from the API, we just get the "newly updated" product back, but the "set" value is still the actual set object.

Any chance this is a known issue? Or maybe we're doing something wrong? Would be appreciated if you could let us know.



On behalf of HCDesigns


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