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When I /quote/<id>/convert a quote, the order gets created fine, but the status is 'new', not 'processing_waiting_for_payment' as per usual in the backoffice. How can I set that status during conversion?

And why is it impossible to cancel an order in the backoffice that was created using this conversion API method? Cancel via backoffice always results in HTTP 500. Cancelling using the API works, but is not the preferred method :).


  • martijnprmartijnpr Member Posts: 10

    I found how the backoffice does this, the order is always created using the checkout. When I convert a checkout to an order it works, but the backoffice seems to have a way to get the pending checkout belonging to a quote. Is there a way to figure this out in a the API? Getting the checkout ID for a given quote?

  • martijnprmartijnpr Member Posts: 10

    @LucienVersendaal I think you're usually the person to respond. Can you help out here? So I'd like to find the checkout id corresponding to a given quote id. I tried to lookup checkouts with a date range as a work-around, but to no avail. The documentation states that this should work, but it seems as though the end point is ignoring them, I am attaching a screenshot with the API documentation snapshot.

    Furthermore, as we have a professional subscription, is there anyone I can mail or Skype? I think the questions I have can be resolved in minutes if I talk to somebody.

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