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I've been forced to switch from On-Site to Retail. Its been a frustrating experience for myself as a business owner and especially for our staff. Staff have asked me why I moved from a system that seemed to work (On-Site) to something that has so many limitation and its not nearly as robust and flexible.

Even more frustrating has been the LS orientation where simple questions posed to LS staff about feature are diverted by a response to make requests to the LS development team.

My simple question is - what will it take for the development team to actually action these suggestions?

Simple things like searching items and having images appear on the results page beside the product descriptions , which I am told are impossible in LS Retail. Yet when I use my LS e-Comm and search products, it shows the images and the item description. The LS training and support staff defer this type of request to the development suggestion page.

I see no logic at all.

So my question is how can we know what the development team is actually working on? How can I know if something is important to our business that there is a solution in the horizon?

Why has there been so much development specific to bicycle shops whereas jewellery stores (which is a business category featured in LS Retail marketing material) is so weak?

Can someone please get the development team to do some work? Its sad that the best solution is that LS own staff seem to have is me to hire a 3rd party developer to create custom code is LS. It especially frustrating when that code is required because the feature is lacking when compared to LS Onsite.


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    We too are in the retail jewelry industry, and have had mixed results implementing and supporting Lightspeed Retail. It covers the retail basics for the most part, but there are some gaps. A fair amount of them (esp. reporting) we are able to plug via the API. But others we have to compromise business practices.

    Granted, the past year or so there haven't been a plethora of new Retail releases. If you want to get a glimpse of community-suggested fixes and enhancements, check here --> The ideas reportedly the most popular are ones that make it onto the development roadmap. Not saying that this is a fast-track but it is something out there. 😀

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    I would love to see Lightspeed publish a subscriber-viewable development roadmap for Retail so both user and dev team can further benefit from the feedback process as to what's working and what isn't.

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    I too am troubled by the lack of transparency of the development team. There is a big problem handling partially shipped orders that needs immediate attention especially during the pandemic when most orders are partially shipped. Trying to get any kind of answer if they intend to address this issue has been frustrating. It seems like these questions are filed into a black hole.

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