What do you want from Lightspeed for <Insert Your Holiday Here>?

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In the US we are gearing up for Christmas and I know globally there are lots of holidays this time of year where gift giving is in the mix. The season - and how it drives my business - got me thinking about what I want from Lightspeed for Christmas. So what would you like from Lightspeed for <insert your holiday here>?

As a Lightspeed Omni customer, here's what I want for Christmas:

Omni Giftcards - We lost a $4000 sale this month because we didn't have an easy way to do omni gift cards for a corporate client. I know we could have done some third party solution, but this is something that should be in omni

Better eCom management in Retail - It would really help our workflow if we could manage and have access to attributes like weight, description, etc. on the Retail side. It would lower our labor costs if these too

Better promotions in Retail, and omni promotions - It would be great if we could actually do Buy One Get One, Buy 12 for $10each, etc. And it would be amazing if these instore promotions also showed up online.

I could go on, but those are some tops in my mind. What do you want from Lightspeed?


  • AzTAzT Member Posts: 66 ✭

    Personally I love the list you have there, all those features would be a giant help for us!

  • gareth_egareth_e Member Posts: 30

    Yep, same here. If it could sync the sale price between retail and eCom that would be quite nice too. And what a great present it would be if when receiving PO's, you could legitimately do split shipments.

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    I would love event logs in eCom. There is a real reason for a "sent" box!

    Ability to "void" a received PO when you find errors (as long as its the same day maybe, or if there were not sales, etc.)

    I would love shipping & other fees added into PO evenly as an option (this would save SOOO much time).

    Simplified returns in eCom that are not 20 steps long and need eCom, POS AND merchant services to process...could be awesome!

    Would love to be able to offer discounts by vendor, or category, etc.

    Setting defaults for your own reports so you don't have to do the same things EVERY time would be great.

    Fixing reports would be nice. I have used tags to filter reports that then show I have nothing in stock....crazy and inaccurate.

    WAY more customer service would be nice. Hold times and queue's are so long they are almost useless when you are really stuck and just maybe more workers might be able to get bugs and upgrades done in a timely manner. The large jumps in pricing each years should allow for better service, but I have noticed they are just the opposite and the waits keep getting longer...

    Here's hoping....

  • vovangalantvovangalant Member Posts: 5

    We're trying to insert sold items images into sales report. Doable?

  • ArneRArneR Member Posts: 1

    All I want for Christmas.. Are more filters!

  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 2

    Everything on your list.

    I'm annoyed at how very separate the eCom and Retail databases are from each other, and the number of things that fall into the chasm between the two and get messed up. I get that it's a result of Lightspeed acquiring an ecommerce company and trying to slap two systems together, but I'm hoping that with the recent IPO they'll put more effort to fully integrating both systems and getting rid of all the legacy gotchas.

  • CliffyPCliffyP Member Posts: 9

    Having the "Retail" System ID referenced in eCom and/or the Variant ID referenced in Retail for importing/exporting

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