How to get data about a sent order for further processing?

MatveyMatvey Member Posts: 1

Good evening. Using the documentation for the restaurant and sending from the wix site to lightspeed for order processing and delivery, we were faced with the problem of not being able to receive order data. We have the ability to transfer order data via a webhook in which we indicate the final place of sending the data, but we cannot receive the order data itself. We want to automate the lightspeed submission process on our site, but for that we need access to the data of the item sent. In the documentation, we see that it is possible to receive a response, but in order to receive a response, we first need to send a request. However, everything happens without the participation of a code, which is why we cannot receive the order data.

The question is, where can we send the entire order with the help of a code, so that later we can receive order data for further processing?

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