Work Order Scheduling App Integration or Best Practices inside Lightspeed? Booxi?

Trying to figure a best digital solution to managing Work order volume and scheduling. Mainly just trying to limit how many wok orders or labor hours are scheduled per day so the workload is manageable.
Has anyone found a good way to do this in Lightspeed? Also looking at Booxi as a possible solution, it will start a WO in Lightspeed with some customer info but it will not integrate much more than that.
Has anyone used this and was it helpful?

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  • matbar20matbar20 Posts: 2Member
    I have been working on Lightspeed Integration for our bike shop online booking application, and was sad to find out that there is not currently the ability to create new workorders from the API. Customers, quotes, items and sales can all be edited via the API. Hopefully further support for work orders will be added in the future. In the meantime, I think you'll need to use a third party booking tool, like Booxi, to manage appointments.
    If you are running a bicycle repair shop, check out our product, It is a bike shop specific booking and management software that can already limit appointment bookings by number of appointments daily, and/or by available employee labour hours. Lightspeed integrations are still in active development, but should begin rolling out in the next few months.
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