employeeID t be set for create


We have been using the API to create completed sales for a number of months without issue. This morning sales are not being created with the following message:-

Problem: Sale not Created. "employeeID" must be set for Create.

Advice: BadRequestHttpException

The JSON hasn't been altered and is as follows


"completed": true,

"employeeID": 1,

"registerID": 1,

"shopID": 1,

"customerID": 259,

"referenceNumber": "90305",

"completeTime": "2020-12-17T11:55:47+02:00",

"SaleLines": {

"SaleLine": [


"itemID": 1587,

"unitQuantity": "1",

"unitPrice": "380",

"taxClassID": "1",

"tax": "true"




"SalePayments": {

"SalePayment": [


"amount": "380",

"paymentTypeID": 3





The "employeeID" is set and valid, I can't see any reason why this fails with the employeeID not set error.

Any suggestions


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