Adding QR Code to receipt


I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how to add a QR code to the footer of the receipt. I have the QR image (our instagram account) and wanted to add it to the receipt.

Any help is appreciated.



  • dwelldwell Member Posts: 8

    I have the same question... Did you find a solution to this? Pretty disappointing how these things never get answered isn't it!

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 683 

    I'm not sure if the Print Templates can accept JavaScript or not, but if they can then you include a JavaScript package such as this -->

  • JasonRobertsJasonRoberts Member Posts: 25

    If it's a static QR code, one that doesn't need to be created for each transaction, I would think you'd be able to just add an image to your print template. If you don't see Print Templates under Advanced Settings, just ask customer service to turn it on. You have access to every aspect of your receipt, but there are a lot of conditionals in the code and it can be really tough to follow.

    I'd suggest looking for the barcodeContainer tags and using that to help you place the image.

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