No Reports for Gift Cards

hbredhbred Member Posts: 2

Has anyone figured out where in POS you would find a report on gift cards sales? Seems odd to not have the ability to get a report on gift card sales?

Because lightspeed considers it a payment that was paid back out - you cannot get data of any kind except when the gift card is present and only on that specific gift card. The system basically takes any gift card sales to $0 - Why?

Seems ridiculous to not account for those sales or there existence anywhere within lightspeed besides when the card is present.


  • VD_LSVD_LS Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 796 moderator

    Hey @hbred,

    When assigning funds to Gift Cards (deposits also work this way), the payment is taken and marked as a profit, but since it's not tied to any items (rather it's being assigned to the Gift Card/credit account), the funds are then considered to be a liability. For that reason, the payment then gets removed and the sale is captured at 0$.

    This can be easily viewed in the Reports > Payments Received as the values are counter-balanced with an equal negative value. (You can also filter for the particular payment type Gift Card/Credit Account)

    When the gift card/credit account is then used to purchase goods/services in-store later on, that's when the funds get allocated as Profit and go towards your sales of the day.

    Hope this clarifies things!


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  • SandySandy Member Posts: 4

    We need to be able to see the sold and redeemed for the end of day report

  • RainflurryRainflurry Member Posts: 30

    The End-of-Day report shows the 'net' of gift card activity. A positive gift card total on the end-of-day report indicates more was redeemed than sold (gift card liability decreased) and a negative amount indicates more was sold than redeemed (gift card liability increased).

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