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In order to help read and take actions for Retail Omni eCom stores, we have prepared three new reports for easy use in Analytics under Sales and Inventory: Ecom:

Customers by Channel

This report helps Omni Stores identify which customers have shopped in your brick-and-mortar stores, which one have shopped on your eCommerce store, and which customers have shopped in both.

To calculate this, we look at all Sales of customers with identified email addresses over the past 52 weeks, and return: the channels (ECOM for eCommerce sales, and RETAIL for brick and mortar sales), where those sales took place. 

As a default, Sales without email addresses are filtered away from the report.

Taxes by Zip

This report helps Omni Stores prepare eCom Taxes collected at the State/Province and Zip Code/Postal Code level for the previous complete month. This is a growing trend for eCommerce taxing in the United States, but can be adjusted for eCom tax reporting in other countries as well.

To calculate this, we look at the tax totals on all eCom Sales, and group them by Customer State/Province and Zip/Postal Code.

Sales by Matrix or Item

This report helps Retail stores with or without Lightspeed eCommerce to prepare Sales reports by item in line with the eCommerce item convention: where Matrix items are considered one item with multiple variants, and non-Matrix items are considered standalone items.

To prepare this report, we use a Custom Dimension to search each item for their Matrix description. If a Matrix description is not found, we use the item’s Description. If a Matrix description is found, we use this as the item Description.

We use the measure of Quantity Sold on this report. Keep in mind that, as a Sales report, you can add the remaining Quantity on Hand of the items that sold.

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