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We have products that we don’t wish to ship and have as click and collect only. Is this possible and how do we do this?



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    Hi @Andrew_McG ,

    This can be accomplished at a product level (not categories) by assigning the non-shippable items a product weight that is higher than that of your maximum shippable weight, yet lower than your Local Pickup only's maximum weight tier.


    If your shipping method's maximum shipping weight is 100lbs, set the product's weight to 101lbs+.

    Going forward, that product will not get shipping options and as long as your store pickup's weight range is between 0lbs (min) - 100lbs+ (max), this product will only get the store pickup options.

    If you're using a shipping integration such as EasyPost or Shipstation, set your product's weight to 200lbs to override those shipping options.

    Adding product weights and dimensions:

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