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I'm located in Louisiana, where we have both state and local tax rates that are combined in each sale, and the taxes are to be charged based on where the product is delivered to or picked up from. We're migrating from OnSite to Retail. Within OnSite, we're able to set up tax "codes" for individual municipalities. Within each municipality's tax code, we're able to separate the state sales tax rate from the local municipality's tax rate. See pic below. Ex: Lafayette City rate is 4% + LA state rate is 4.45% = 8.45% sales tax.

Assuming we're delivering within the state (which applies to 99% of our sales), the state tax rate is usually constant, but the local tax rates vary depending on the local municipality. At the end of each month, we're able to run a sales tax report that splits up the state tax collected from the local municipality collected. See pic below. How do I achieve this in Retail?

We're supposed to be going live within a couple of weeks. So a solution to this ASAP would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey @acredeur !

    There's a module we can add to your account to have 2 taxes while in the USA but you'll need to call-in to our support team for us to add it to your account.

    What it will do, in a nutshell, is add Tax 1 and Tax 2 where if Tax 1 was 5% and tax 2 was 9.97%, it would show up as a total of 14.97% taxed but broken down into 2 different rates.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

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