Nightly automated reports?

rsirotarsirota Member Posts: 93

Is there any way to do the following?

At 7:30 PM each night, get the data that normally comes on the end of day report and text it to a specific phone? I know there is other software needed for texting and such but can I get this data via the API? Also, can it be done when the system is off?


  • rsirotarsirota Member Posts: 93

    I did see the following which I can get, but some are still ???

    Total Sales {Can I get this?}

    Total Tax {Got it}

    Cash {Got it}

    Debit Card {Got it}

    VISA {Got it}

    MASTERCARD {Got it}

    DISCOVER {Got it}

    AMEX$ {Got it}

    APPLE PAY {Got it}

    Total Refunds {Can I get this?}

    Total Returns {Can I get this?}

    Total Products Sold {Can I get this?}

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