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Looking for any guidance from anyone on this matter:

Lightspeed "omnichannel" still has no way of automatically putting items on sale in eCom when you put them on sale in Retail, which is a big disappointment. You have to manually go through every item one by one to add an "old price," which unfortunately consumes an incredible amount of monetary and timely resources, especially on a year end blowout sale that involves hundreds of SKUs.

So, we have attempted to make the process more efficient by downloading the entire inventory in a spreadsheet through both retail and eCom exports, and go through a complicated process of using the Custom SKU field in retail to place a unique identifier for every item, then doing multiple uploads and downloads of spreadsheets editing prices as we go. When dealing with hundreds of SKUs, this is better than switching between tabs for every item individually, but still, it's a mediocre contingency at best for a system that was sold to us as being universally synced all together.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a smooth way to automate this process using the retail API, eCom API and tools such as Zapier,, Integromat, etc......

We have successfully managed to pull data from the Retail API using, and we're confident that we can use various filtering, pivoting, data-processing tools within Parabola or Google sheets to do something along the lines of filter all products pulled from Retail API every night to just ones that have a lower Online Price than the MSRP (retail price levels) but where we get stuck now is pushing the MSRP into the old price field via the eCom API. We seem to be able to do this in bulk via eCom upload using the "Article Number" as our matching field for the data (going back to my earlier point of placing a unique identifier in the custom sku field - this syncs to eCom as the "article number"), yet we can't manage it via the API.

If anyone has thoughts, ideas, or suggestions we would greatly appreciate it. Lightspeed continues to say "it's in the works" for a fix, but we've yet to see actionable changes. We've been pointed to their idea suggestion board several times, but every time I log in the top ideas seem to go along the lines of quicker label printing and nicer looking receipts, things that large scale business simply can't focus on when basic issues such as omnichannel sale prices and lack of split-shipment receiving/POs are at play.


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    I am having the same issue and using pretty much the same work around. @Lightspeed please implement a smoother solution so we can focus on our businesses and not just on repricing items.

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