Fees and CNP information in API

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Hello Lightspeed Community!

My name is Lucas, I am a applications developer at Loc-Doc Security. We are building a simple integration with Lightspeed to transfer daily sales (and line items) to our internal systems. Through this process, I have come up against a few road blocks and I am hoping someone in the community can provide me with some direction.

1) Is there a way to get the credit card / debit card fee associated with a sale through the API? Currently I am calculating in our system using the 2.6% + .10 rate. However, this would be off for a CNP transaction, as the fee is different.

2) Is there a way to see CNP flag or other identifier in the API? If I can just see the actual fee, then this won't be necessary, but assuming the fee can't be accessed via the API, this is the only other way I know to calculate the proper fee.

3) When calculating the fee myself on our internal systems, I have run into some rounding errors. Is there information that can be linked regarding how the rounding is done when calculating the card prcoessing fee?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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