Lightspeeds Shipstation integration needs renaming > *@!* Station

AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭

Hey Light speed,This integration has been in beta state for over 2 years now - Is it being actively developed now?

There are lots of issues with the integration and the main ones are :

It keeps breaking and stops syncing orders due to the way LS have set up the API, For some reason all it takes is for one order to not pass all the correct data and the API calls stop.

We currently have this error in ShipStation

Secondly we need to be able to pass the order number into ShipStaion so that we can match that parameter against orders placed and not be limited to just Ship# this is possible to be mapped using a custom field in ShipStation.

Last we need to be able to send notification emails to our customers that contain the Ship ID number so that the can book a return using SS's branded returns portal. Currently the return Status Notification emails do not have the ability to contain the tag [[shipmentid]] - this is very limiting and another example where Lightspeed have failed to grasp / understand merchants real world needs and use cases.

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