Preventing changes to a purchase order once completed

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Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent POs being changed once the status is 'finished'? Unfortunately colleagues occasionally go back in to POs and make changes. It's a lot easier that 'returning' something and putting it in again correctly. Unfortunately it creates no end of chaos in our accounting because if anything gets changed after the transaction has been posted it won't get picked up.

Another alternative would be for much better reporting to identify any retrospective changes for any given period so that they can at least be identified and any necessary adjustments made in the accounting.

I can see the value in being able to make changes like this but I would prefer it was somehow locked unless you are an administrator or similar. Indeed I often have to go back in to LS to make retrospective changes because of failings in the functionality - this is particularly true around negative inventory where when an item comes back into stock it is very often at a different cost to that assumed when the item was 'sold' (and inventory became negative). In those circumstances I have to go back in to LS and manually adjust the Cost of Sale associated with the transaction. Tracking down those exceptions is like finding a needle in a constantly moving haystack....

I have yet to hear anything from LS that even acknowledges this is an issue!

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    Hey Nick!

    Thanks for the feedback! I believe I've already taken this down for a previous customer but I'll definitely throw in your commentary. We understand how frustrating this can be.

    Hopefully you have a good weekend!


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