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Would it be possible to get a filter for Omnichannel apps ? Like 90% of the apps on the store are not compatible for omnichannel users, so it's really difficult to know what we can really use since there is no indicator until you load the app's page.

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  • David DesrosiersDavid Desrosiers Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 1 moderator
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    [email protected]Yvigeant,

    This feature is not yet available within eCom, but it looks like it has been requested before.

    At this moment there are no plans to implement this feature, but several merchants have already indicated to us that this could be a good addition to the Lightspeed system. 

    While I don't have an ETA for this request, I invite you to follow the eCom release notes,, and check your eCom dashboard regularly. If this idea is implemented, you will see it listed in the Dashboard Changelog and eCom release notes.
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