How does the API differentiate between ecommerce and POS sales?

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I work with SkuVault and we have a Lightspeed POS integration. We have a client whos Magento sales are syncing over to SkuVault from Lightspeed even though they should be ecommerce sales. We do not have this problem with any other client. My question is, how are POS and ecom sales differentiated via Lightspeed's API? I believe our integration already checks for them or we would have more reports of issues like this, so is it possible for an ecommerce sale to incorrectly be identified as a POS sale by Lightspeed? Some Magento sales are doing this and some aren't, so it is not consistent. Thanks.



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    Hi Chris... I might have NO IDEA what I'm talking about so take my answer with a grain of salt... But, if what I have to say makes sense and it helps you, you are welcome ;-)

    Ok... that said, Lightspeeds eCom API and Retail API are completely different (different endpoints and different authentication schemes). The only time the 2 are linked is if you have "OmniChannel". OmniChannel links a Retail store to an eCom site. When you have OmniChannel, most of the eCom API is actually disabled for update (you can still retrieve data, but you cannot create or update). Instead, you are directed to update the retail "store" associated with OmniChannel. In other words, you are using the Retail API to update a "store" that is linked (via OmniChannel) to the eCom side.

    I hope this helps, but if not, I'm sorry. I'm a little confused by your question because of Magento. Magento is an eCommerce solution, so if you had Magento, then I would assume you would NOT have Lightspeeds "eCom" solution but instead would have only the Retail product and you would be trying to interface with that and NOT the eCom API.

    That said, IF what you are doing is trying to add a sale into the Retail product, but "mark it" as coming from the internet (through Magento), I'm sorry but I do not know enough about the Lightspeed API for orders to know what "switches" need to be set on the order to identify it as coming from the internet. As I mentioned earlier, in the case of the OmniChannel solution your Retail application has a specific "store" setup and being the "online store" and OmniChannel interfaces (2-way) with that store and the eCom online store.

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    Thank you, that is helpful. This isn't my store, but rather a client of ours. I will get clarification on how Magento is being used in Lightspeed. It sounds like either OmniChannel is related, or the orders aren't supposed to be coming to Lightspeed in the first place, so I'm going to try to get more details and go from there. Thanks for your help.

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