Nobody has offsite warehouses with the need to transfer large amounts of product?

Are we the only company that needs functionality in Lightspeed for managing inventory between a store front and an offsite warehouse? Or, a non-hair-pulling-out workflow for transferring product to and from a virtual warehouse?

The feature request website only has few votes for this request and has been under review for 5 years, but I wonder how many LS users even know that you can vote for suggested requests, so I don't have much faith in the concept.

So my question is nobody else needs this?

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  • keltykelty Member Posts: 1
    Absolutely.  We're running two server installations - receiving everything into our warehouse and transferring to our store location as needed, but it negates the backorder functionality so there's no at-a-glance status.  We have to log out, switch servers, log in again, check the status, look up the PO, check with the vendor, log out, switch back, update notes...  It's tedious and wastes tons of time.

    I've considered entering POs into my store server instance to allow the backorder function to work properly, but the potential of mismanaging inventory between the two locations is a big concern, particularly if the warehouse crew forgets to transfer the items from one location to the other.
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