Archiving an item doesn't remove that item from eCom. Is this a bug?

CarleyTUDSCarleyTUDS Member Posts: 11

Noticed that archived items are still visible on eCom. I would have thought that if you don't want an item showing up in "Retail" you wouldn't want it an your eCom.


  • kailaseguinkailaseguin Member Posts: 10

    you have to click "delete from ecommerce" before you archive it

  • CarleyTUDSCarleyTUDS Member Posts: 11

    I recognize that now. Guess we assumed that archiving the item would have deleted it as well.

  • mmcnewmmcnew Member Posts: 1

    if you delete it, what are the ramifications? do you lose the sales or history or anything?

  • CarleyTUDSCarleyTUDS Member Posts: 11

    Deleting the item off eCom, ensures that the item will not appear in your webpage products. This doesn't affect any history already gathered for that item within "Retail". eCom history? I'm not sure as we are still setting ours up.

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