More Special order questions and receipts... Help! :)

rsirotarsirota Member Posts: 93

So I am working on making labels with our label printer (which are working great for orders that go through the POS interface. However, what I am doing is via the API. This is the basic steps that I am taking:

1) Get the special order for a specific PO.

2) Loop through each item in the po and make a note of the. customer and items.

Now I want to print out a bar code such as the ones that happen in the interface. I know the last digit is a checksum.

This is from special order screen. I know that item #1 above prints out a Special Order receipt such as 2400000000471 and I know that 47 is the customer number and 1 us the checksum.

or #2 takes you to the sales screen and you can create a sale, finish the sale and print out a receipt which will have a barcode like 2200000478283.

So the question is? How or where do I get the number that associates with the above special order? Ideally if I could do #2 and make a sale with a value of $0 since it has not been paid that would be better. Or what do I need to use in the API to get all of the data associated with the 2400000000471 number? Sale? Order? I'm not sure.

Any help would be great!

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