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We are importing items from our old POS to Lightspeed. We have items we code 'inactive'. These are SKUs we have sold in the past and expect to sell in the future but that we don't want to have to sort through when looking for current stock on hand. Does Lightspeed have a field we can use for this purpose?


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    One idea is assigning a product tag for these items. Something like "inactive" for the tag. So that reporting and searches can exclude this one product tag.

    Another option would be to archive these items. So they are still there, just hidden from view unless you specifically need to search for them. Then if you need to stock the SKU again you just un-archive it. Or remote the product tag in the other idea above 😀

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    I agree with @gregarican, @tsbuyer.

    Tags will be useful in this particular instance since you can use those in the item search and make modifications to them using the Quick Edit Items tool.


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