Search Work Order by Serial Number

mattapplepiemattapplepie Member Posts: 3

It blows my mind that Lightspeed retail doesn't support serial numbers. I can't look up a work order by serial number, only customer name?!?! This is crazy. Lightspeed onsite was perfect. I will have to jump ship because of this.


  • bikehoundsbikehounds Member Posts: 12

    There is a workaound for this. If you put the serial number in the customer notes field, you can search on that field to get the customer record and then the workorders are listed there. Definitely not ideal but could be kinnda useful.

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 71

    This is ridiculous.

    Why would we want to put a serial number into the "Notes section".

    Again something that makes no sense.

  • bikehoundsbikehounds Member Posts: 12

    It's just a workaround that I thought might help.

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 71

    Sorry, was really having a go at Lightspeed, not you. Appreciate your feedback.

  • bikehoundsbikehounds Member Posts: 12

    Lots of room for improvement in lightspeed that's for sure. But there's also lots of flexibility so it's possible to make things work in some way or another. Sometimes just gotta get it done, no time to wait for them to fix things

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