flaw in inventory control

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I am not sure if you guys are aware of how bad the inventory sync problem between ecom and LSR in omnichannel is.

Here is the situation that appears to be happening. lets say a customer starts to place an order but doesnt finish payment. Ecom reserves that item out of the ecom inventory for that customer. The order is not completed for a week or so. Meanwhile, the item in question required some kind of update in LSR. This triggered an inventory sync and it matched the inventory to ecom. next, the order in ecom is cancelled. Guess what happens... thats right, the stupidest thing possible, ecom adds back the "reserved" inventory that wasnt actually reserved since the last sync and boom, ecom now thinks you have more in stock than you actually do. next guy to come along and order that product might be in for a bad day when he finds out the product is actually out of stock and the retailer is having a bad day explaining why their website sucks. no fun for anyone.

fix it please

oh i forgot my favorite part of this story, when i contacted the ecom team, they told me to add a credit invoice with the button checked for add back inventory then to cancel... guess what happens you do that? it doubles the problem. Thats right, it doesnt just add one "reserved" inventory back, it fricken adds two. Magical. great help that was lol


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    Thank you for reaching out to the Lightspeed Community! We're aware of this anomaly and are working hard to have our new inventory management service ready as soon as possible; concerns such as these will be addressed by the update.

    Until then, many merchants chose to disable automatic invoice creation unless an order has been paid; this can help reduce these occurrences and can be adjusted in Settings - Administration.


    Kristian C.

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    awesome glad you guys are working on it. Thanks mate.

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