Feature Request - Enviro fees attached to items

ChrysalidChrysalid Member Posts: 5

It would make life much easier for those of us that sell electronics and computer accessories, to be able to associate an environmental fee for items.

Adding them manually for each item sold, at the time of sale, is fairly cumbersome!




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    Hey Amber,

    For this, I'd suggest creating a non-inventory item and also creating a button in your sales screen so all you need to do is click the button and it'll add the fee to the sale without having to search for the product.

    To do this, there is a 2 step process: 

    1) Create a non-inventory item with the value

    - Go to Inventory > New Item

    - Change Single to Non-Inventory and uncheck the Taxable option

    - Add a name and value associated with the offer

    - Save Changes 

    2) Create a Button in your Sales Tab 

    - Go to Settings > Custom Menus > Sales Tab

    - Add a title 

    - Change the type to Add Item(s) (if there are multiple fees, you could create non-inventory items for each and categorize them under Environmental fee. If you do this, select the type to Category Submenu)

    - Choose the color of your choice

    - Click Save Changes

    - Scroll down on the same page and find the button

    - Click the pen

    - Link the non-inventory Item you just created (or the item Category in question you want to see in the sale)

    And voila! You now have a fully functional button that can be applied to the sales of your choice. 

    For more information on Custom Menus, you can always consult our A Detailed Overview of Custom Menus or our Creating Custom Menus page on our Support Website! 

  • ChrysalidChrysalid Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Vanessa.

    Will this work okay if I don't assign a specific value? The enviro fees change, depending on what sort of item is being purchased.

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    Hey @Chrysalid

    You could consider creating a Category Submenu instead of selecting the Add Item(s) behaviour when creating a Menu button.

    Here's how:

    Each non-inventory item would be categorized, as you see here.

    When creating the button, you'd select the Category Submenu option here:

    After saving the changes, you can go click on the Category set to None and modify it to be the Fees category.

    When you go into a sale, you can then tap on Fees and the list of fees you've created and categorized will appear. This also means that any more fees you create and categorize as non-inventory items will appear in this menu without any additional work.

    Hope this helps!

  • StarsStripesTacticalStarsStripesTactical Member Posts: 1

    Hi Vanessa,

    Here is our dilemma, In our state we are allowed a CC Swipe fee, many small business call it a CC convenience fee or otherwise. Orin Hatch Passed a bill in congress years ago to allow up to 4% or 3.99% across the country. We called lightspeed support to inquire as to how do this and I am told this is NOT supported. Why can't we have an additional line item in the total to calculate the amount each time CC is selected? We all know we can't trust all of our employees to remember or to calculate the percentage correctly hence the need for POS in the first place. This is an expense of $1000 or more each month and wish to minimize this expense. Most other small shops I know also do this. Why is this not an upgrade long ago? If your a tire shop you often have a tire fee for disposal demanded by authorities as will as an oil fee etc etc, Any help with this ???

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    Hey @StarsStripesTactical

    Thank you for your feedback.

    This is currently not an ability that exists in retail and would be considered a Compound tax. There are limitations around this depending on the country, region and state so it has not been implemented to help prevent legal ramafications.

  • BshellBshell Member Posts: 6

    Seems you could find a way to make this allowed by the country where the software is used.

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