We have many items that we put up for sale in advance, often months ahead of an expected release date. We also use the My Stock Notifier app so that customers can be notified when an item arrives by entering their email into the Stock Notifier field. We don't receive pre-order items into the system in advance for several reasons, for accounting purposes, and the fact that the My Stock Notifier doesn't work when there is stock in the system. We also need to be able to limit sales of these items automatically, so that we don't oversell. Normally this would be done by only adding so much stock to the system, but since we need the My Stock Notifier to work we can't do that. In addition, negative inventory doesn't work because there doesn't seem to be a way to set limits on negative inventory items, for example stop selling when we get to -5 let's say.

Currently what we do is create the item, list it as a pre-order on the site, don't receive any inventory on it, and set it on eCom to "Allow Backorders" so that people can still order it, but the problem is that we have to manually switch that setting off so if we have a sell limit of 5 for example and we get 6 orders overnight when no one is available to turn off the Backorders then we oversell. In addition, we can't cancel those orders because in spite of everything we try it always adds stock back into the system when we cancel, even if we do a credit memo, and that sets off the stock notifier. What suggestions does anyone have for this to ensure that we can pre-sell items that aren't technically in stock and have an automatic limit set so that we don't sell over a certain amount?


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    Thank you for reaching out to the Lightspeed Community! Currently, backorders do not have the capacity to specify selling limits. This is a great suggestion, I will pass this along to our product team for consideration.

    Regarding order cancellations and returning stock to inventory, you would be able to issue a credit invoice on the order, but in this situation, I would advise you do not return the stock to inventory, and adjust the inventory levels on Retail manually when checking in the purchase order; this will prevent the deactivation of MyStockNotifier.


    Kristian C.

  • HalvardHFHalvardHF Member Posts: 7

    Would be very usefull, difficult to keep control when we have allowed backorder on products.

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    We have exactly the same problem. We allow customers to pre-order upcoming bikes, which arrive in weeks time. We need a way to set a limit for negative inventory, so we don't exceed the upcoming quantity of each item. We have to do it manually now, which is frustrating.

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    Hi @HalvardHF and @extremesports ,

    We have an open feature request to improve how backorders are handled on the back end, specifically to set maximum quantities that can be accepted while using that feature.

    I will make sure to create and tag a support ticket under your organization so that we can document your feedback. However, there is no ETA as to when this will be implemented.

    I am only tagging this ticket to the feature request for documentation purposes.

    Best regards,

    Gabriel S.

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