Indicating when a PO has been emailed

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Please add some way of checking whether or not a PO has been sent to a supplier.


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    When a new PO has been created the status is Open, right? But there is a status for Ordered. Wouldn't changing the status to Ordered indicate this?

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    my understanding is that the status of the PO changes automatically to ordered as soon as things have been added to it and you have left it to do something else. So for example if you are working on a PO all week and then leave it for the weekend and can't remember whether it was sent or not there is no way of telling whether it was sent or not. Or if. supplier claims they never got it and you trying to get them to ship it that week anyway rather then making you wait a week to receive there is no way of tracking that the PO/email was sent and when.

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    At the PO header level there is a Notes field. Perhaps include a entry in there. Although for reporting purposes I'm not sure that it appears everywhere...hmmm....

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    A quick follow-up. I went into the Retail web client, created a new PO header, went back out of it, went back in to add items to the order, etc. The status didn't automatically change from Open to Ordered. I left the order date blank. And I didn't print, since for my testing purposes I wasn't done with the order.

    Assuming a workflow would consist of opening an "incremental" PO without specifying the order date. Go back in, adding items incrementally until the order is ready for send. Then specify the order date and print.

    The print action is what automatically changes the order status from Open to Ordered. Of course this is something common with a lot of ERP systems. The print action is basically saying that the order is ready to submit.

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    Hey @BauHound

    To see if an PO was sent to a supplier, you can check the event logs!

    Start by going to Settings > Event Log 

    Change the first drop down and set it to email. Finally, set your date range and then hit Search! If you want to see the actual email that was sent, you can click on the + sign beside the INPUT/MESSAGES header.  

    This will also include the email address it was sent to. 


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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