Lightspeed Payment - refund issues

MoziMozi Member Posts: 2

The refund was not well thought out and it really needs urgent fixing.

  1. When I cancel the order and I forget to select the refund option, then I cannot go back and process the refund anymore. I have to call into lightspeed payments to process refunds.
  2. If I actually do remember to process the refund then there is no status to show me if money was ever refunded and how much? The list of all cancel orders looks the same whether the order was refunded or not. Maybe there should be another column for "refund" showing the amount that was refunded.
  3. After I process the refund and since there is no way to identify if the order was refunded the system allows me to process another refund. This is really dangerous. The system should not allow a refund over the original amount


  • Gabriel S.Gabriel S. Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 14 moderator

    Hello @Mozi,

    We have an opened feature request for this feature to become an option. I will make sure to tag this support ticket so that we can document your feedback.

    However, there is no ETA as to when or if this will be implemented. I am only tagging this ticket to the requests for documentation purposes only. As more merchants request these features, their priority will change as well as the chance of implementation.

    To change the status of an order you can create a custom status and assign it to these specific orders. Here is some information about it:

    Best regards,

  • MrDarcyMrDarcy Member Posts: 16

    We just had our first experience with this. Wow. Compared to On-site it sure is confusing? Could they make things any harder?

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