Barcode on Quote_offer how are these two different numbers connected

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Dear all,

When a new Quote_offer is generated you are able to print this offer and on the top of the page you will find a barcode.

However the number wich the barcode contains is somehow connected to the Quote_offernumber but how? In this example above the Quote_offernumber is 774024263 but the number in the barcode contains the following number: 41477003642971. How can i use the barcodenumber to get to the corresponding Quote_offer. I would like to use the API for this to make an ORDER from this Quote_offer.

I am looking forward for a solution

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    I don't think its possible to use the barcode for this.

    You can use the checkout endpoint to update a quote/convert it to order via the API. In order to do that you would need the checkout_id (which can be found by doing a GET to fetch checkouts, or you can open the quote in the back-office and copy the number in the url).

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    Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the checkout endpoint. But what can i do with this barcode on top op of the quote_offer? What is the purpose of this number if it is not related to anything?

    Looking forward for your anwser

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