Bug: Sales Receipt HTML/CSS updates not being rendered/showing on

Hi there! I've gotten in touch with Customer Service, but they pointed me to this forum

I think there's a bug with the rendering of changes made, or I might not be editing this in the right place but we're trying to update the Sales Receipt eDM to have better branding/look & feel.


I've been trying to make simple changes like font-size/logo width to see if changes are being applied. While they're saving, they aren't being reflected on the Sales Receipt itself when I test this.

How I'm Testing:

- Make any simple CSS (or html) change on 'Print Templates > SalesReceipt > Save'

- Navigate to: (Main Menu) > Sales > New Sale

- Attach a customer on the sale and add any item

- Under Payment > Save as Quote (it will show you a preview of receipt) or send email

I've attached a screenshot of what I mean if anyone could please help!

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