Feature Suggestion/Request: Estimated Work Order Time

ThienquanThienquan Member Posts: 1

Hey there,

I've got a suggestion for a couple features that could be made flexible for different work order systems. It relates to work orders, and is focused towards the employees rather than the customers.

Add an "Estimated Time" column for labor SKUs in lightspeed.

If I add 3 different labor items, and all of them have an [estimated time] of completion, my technician/employee who is completing the work order will know approximately how long it will take, or should take, to complete the entire work order. Example (in a bicycle shop setting):

  • Fix Flat (7 min)
  • Adjust Rear Derailleur (8 min)
  • True Wheel (25 min)

If all of the above are in a work order, then next to each Labor item, is the estimated time. I do know about the labor dollars per hour designation, however overrides do not override the pricing change if I add the times in it, nor do I want to keep editing the labor SKU to override every time I add it to a work order.

An additional Column for the time estimation and an added field when creating a labor item would be awesome. Also maybe repurpose the [Price/Time] column in the work order screen to [Price/Rate] to keep the hourly labor rate feature, but then add a [Estimated Time] column as well.

For a completely integrated solution, a work order screen should also have somewhere that shows the total estimated time, and it's all internal facing, not customer facing. And a column should be added to the work orders list so that you can sort by estimated time as well.

I think it would be a super valuable feature to have for planning and scheduling work orders quickly. Not only would it help employees know how long something should take, but it'll help in planning out work orders, and workloads as well.

Let me know what ya'll think!

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  • lev_cyclistlev_cyclist Member Posts: 30

    This is an interesting idea, we would totally use those features to help optimize de work planning! It would actually ba valuable information unlike the # of tasks column.

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