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namthnamth Member Posts: 3
Hi all,
My client want to create a report for recevied items, however if he was manual added inventory in Lightspeed , I can not find an API method to get inventory change logs.


  • AlexAlex Member Posts: 11
    you would have to search Item base on timeStamp
  • jamesratcliffejamesratcliffe Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 160 moderator

    To elaborate a bit, you can filter by the timestamp on the related ItemShop records to get items whose inventory levels has changed recently.

    This example would return items whose inventory has changed since 8:00 EDT today (October 31, 2017):
    GET /API/Account/{{accountID}}/Item.json?load_relations=["ItemShops"]&ItemShops.timeStamp=>,2017-10-31T08:00:00-0400
    James Ratcliffe
    Lightspeed HQ
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