Service: Hook in & Hook out.... What is this?

ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 125 

I see Hook-in and Hook-out in the Service module. What does this mean? What is its functionality?

I've looked everywhere.

Even the instructional video for creating work orders just ignores it.

I've Googled and come up with nothing.

What is it?


  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 125 

    Thanks Bikehounds.

  • NSimon102NSimon102 Member Posts: 13

    Thank you for asking this! I was wondering the same thing. We will utilize this for which repair person our items are with. It allows some text and visible on the list when viewing the workorders.

  • RevcycleRevcycle Member Posts: 35 ✭

    Wouldn't be nice if they actually built the service module for Bike shops that have more then 1 mechanic.

    They say they built it for bike shops but when you ask for anything they push a 3rd party integration instead of fixing their service module.

    Weird the stock has tanked because they have no internal revenue growth...

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 870 
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