Why aren't Vendor IDs mapping in the API between ordering engine (Genius Central) and Lightspeed?

thaddockthaddock Member Posts: 2

Hyperspace recently connected our ordering engine (Genius Central) with Lightspeed. Vendor mapping is turned on. Each Lightspeed product entry has appropriate vendor IDs that match Genius Central's vendor numbers for each product. We use multiple vendors for the same products. Most orders are coming down correctly. However, when a product has the *same UPC* for both a box entry and a single entry (eg. a case of water or one bottle of water) in Lightspeed, so far the API only selects the box UPC when coming down from the ordering engine, regardless of the vendor ID and the product it's applied to. One vendor requires ordering a product UPC #123456789123 by the case (quantity of 1 box of 12), and so to the Box entry in Lightspeed that vendor is set as the default and the vendor ID is applied. Another vendor requires ordering the same product/UPC #123456789123 by pieces (quantity of 12 singles), so to the Single entry that vendor is set as the default and the vendor ID applied. Currently, the way orders are coming down from the vendors that require "piece" quantity, it's automatically selecting the Box, regardless of these vendor ID settings. Inventory counts would be way off, the costs would be incorrect, and it would be a nightmare for our Receiving department to fix every purchase order! We're dealing with thousands of products, in both brick & mortar and eCom businesses. We need a reliable connection! Please advise, or direct on how (or who) can correct this.


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